Beauty will Surface - A Photographic Photo Essay

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Beauty will Surface - A Photographic Essay​ by Herblish
Beauty will Surface - Book teaserBeauty will Surface - Book teaser

  • A Photographic Essay
  • By Herblish
  • Book 78 Pages


After a 5 years hiatus, images from a single two-hour photo shoot come to the surface. In this beautiful photographic essay, Photographer/Artist Herblish reveals more than just the raw talents of model debutante Ana Bell. This is on one end, a powerful story of personal perseverance and courage, while beauty and serendipity on the other side. Herblish captures and displays a visually stunning account in Ana Bell's adopted aquatic refuge. Her innocence, vulnerabilities and overall becoming "one" with water while captivating and enticing the reader/viewer with every turn of the page.

This is coming of age story that also pays tribute to the first time Herblish worked with his muse, creative partner and model extraordinaire Ivana Farren. 

Nobody has been more influential, artistically than Ivana this year. As a muse, she not only inspired Herblish, but also challenged and pushed him into uncharted territories while creating in the process, in a very short amount of time, a tremendous and incredible body of work. They became creative partners thanks to her own drive and dedication to make all things beautiful. Herblish feels tremendously fortunate and proud of all the work they have created together, so far.



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