Paint Style & Click Workshop - 062616

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Paint Style & Click Workshops - 06/26/16 - Winter Springs FL

This is an introductory workshop for those seeking more hands-on training in basic body painting as well as styling and putting it all together photographically.  The workshop will cover from showing how to use body paint tools such as brushes and sponges to techniques on how to correctly apply the paints onto the human canvas.  Hygiene and professional guidelines will be covered as well.  Basic, easy to use props for styling, as well as one and two light photography set ups will be covered. 

What you need to bring?
• Camera (DSLR) with a flash mount (Pocket Wizard Trigger if you have)
• Lens or lenses covering the 24-120mm focal range
• Memory Card
• Pen and Paper

• Small towel 

Theme: Basic
Instructor: Herblish
Model: Ivana Farren
Date: June 26th, 2016
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Location: Herbelicious Studios, Winter Springs FL
Limit: 6
Cost: 100.00


Herblish Photography offers hands on workshops covering photographic techniques such as studio lighting, natural light, location shooting, working with models and various artistic techniques including body painting.

The workshops are informative as well as fun. These workshops are designed for photographers of all levels.  They are purposely kept small to ensure that everyone has a chance to not only shoot but also ask questions.


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