The Herblish Experience V2.0 Documentary - Trailer

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The Herblish Experience V2.0 Dark Beauty Documentary - Trailer
The Herblish Experience V2.0 - Dark Beauty Documentary Trailer
Herblish Photography in conjunction with Lighted Path Productions proudly announce a new documentary based on the latest work of photographer/artist Herblish (Herbie Martin) and the Herblish Experience V2.0 Dark Beauty featuring model and creative partner Ivana Farren.  

The Herblish Experience is a series of fine-art workshops where the use of body painting, fabrics and many other things some even discarded or repurposed fuse together to make extremely unique photographs.   The documentary answers many questions while giving the viewer a one of kind insight as to the process and experience that it is being a part of the Herblish Experience.

The forthcoming documentary was filmed in June at the amazing Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar in Orlando.  We will keep you posted for the actual launch of the Herblish Experience V2.0 Dark Beauty documentary.

Please click below for a teaser sneak peek...


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